The rain-soaked grounds of Bedstone College witnessed a spectacular showcase of resilience and determination as young athletes from various schools gathered for the Three Counties Cross Country event. Despite the challenging weather conditions, all the children performed with sheer determination and we saw some standout top 10 performances from: Roni (1st), Norah (1st), Izzy (2nd), Lucy (2nd), Grace (4th), Ben (5th), Sebastian (9th), Arthur (10th). These were in addition some fabulous top 20 finishes, too!

The mud and rain couldn’t dampen their spirits as they conquered the course with enthusiasm and a never-give-up attitude.  Each child, regardless of their finishing position, contributed to the collective success of the team and demonstrated superb sportsmanship.  Miss Higgins, Mr Bates and Miss Alex were proud of all the children and their efforts and attitudes. Well done to all involved!

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