Our recent Readathon yielded spectacular results! Many children read every day, some for up to an hour, even during the half-term break. We are so proud of our pupils who tried their best and raised nearly £800 for new library books. This will enable us to buy a considerable number of books on the children’s wish list. My sincere thanks to all parents and family friends who supported our pupils, whether financially or by encouraging them to fulfil their pledges.

Following hot on the heels of the Readathon was the Booka Book Fair, held just before World Book Day. Sian and Rhiannon, two experts in children’s literature from Booka Bookshop in Oswestry, introduced a special selection of books to each class. The boxes of books then remained in the library for a week, to allow the children to explore the books before placing their orders. Unfortunately, the unseasonal snow has delayed delivery of the book orders slightly but we hope to have the children’s parcels by next week.

Our aim is to build an excellent library at St.Winefride’s, one which will support every child on their reading journey. Thank you so much for supporting us, as we strive to continually improve the quality and the variety of books on our shelves.

Mrs N. Beyers


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