Our Year 3 class enjoyed a wonderful trip to Chester, visiting the Roman Centre as part of their Roman Britain topic in history. They were met by a 2000-year-old Roman soldier, who told them all about what life was like in the Roman town of Deva. The morning was filled with learning about what the Romans ate, how they exercised, what it was like to be a soldier, how they bathed and what they liked to do in their spare time…..just don’t ask about the toilets!!!!

In the afternoon, Year 3 joined the Roman Army and marched through the streets of Chester, using their newly-learned Latin commands. The day culminated in an epic battle, practising the ‘testudo’ formation and pitting pupils against teachers. The children well and truly won the battle with their newfound knowledge of Roman techniques!

Everybody had a great day, and we will remember the call of ‘dex, sin, dex, sin’ for years to come.

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