St. Winefride’s celebrated remarkable success at the ISA National Cross-Country Finals held at Worksop College. Our young athletes displayed exemplary skill and determination. The challenging conditions, characterized by a wet day, added an extra layer of difficulty to the races. However, the St. Winefride’s athletes demonstrated resilience and prowess, navigating the muddy terrain with finesse. 
In the fiercely competitive Year 5/6 Girls Race, Roni emerged triumphant, securing a well-deserved first place, becoming National Champion. The team’s strength was further highlighted as Lucy secured an impressive 12th position, closely followed by Norah, who clinched the 19th spot. In the Year 3/4 Girls Race, Izzy showcased her talent by securing an outstanding 8th position, contributing significantly to the team’s overall success. 
The collective efforts of the St. Winefride’s athletes played a pivotal role in the Midlands team’s victory over the six other regions, marking a historic achievement for our School and the Midlands team. The dedication, teamwork, and individual performances highlight the spirit of sportsmanship and values at St. Winefride’s, leaving an indelible mark on the competition. We rejoice in the success of our talented athletes, celebrating not only their victories but also the commitment and perseverance that led to this remarkable triumph. It was a pleasure to witness the girls perform at such a high level, and I was incredibly proud of them!

Miss Higgins

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