Recently, our year 6 pupils enjoyed a residential trip. Our Head Boy Tristan and our Head Girl Caitlin have offered us this report:

J4 went on an exciting residential trip that included canoeing, archery and a hike up the Caradoc. On the first day, we went canoeing on the River Severn. We learnt how to use our paddles correctly and how to steer our canoes through the water. The instructors were great and helped us feel like we had been on the river our whole lives! We spent the day on the river, pulling the canoes up on a bank to stop for lunch, before paddling back to Frankwell to finish.

Tuesday didn’t seem real! The archery was amazing – everyone loved hitting the targets and we had a fantastic time. Amelia D won the archery competition with a ‘shoot off’ at the end of the activity. We then headed to the Longmynd Adventure Camp, where we sat under the trees and had some lunch. We had been waiting to get to the camp for ages – everyone wanted to find out what cabins they were sleeping in! We then had a go at some team building activities, before enjoying some free time and then toasting marshmallows around a camp fire. After that, we headed, extremely tired, to our cabins for the night (some people even managed some sleep!).

On Wednesday, we got up early and after we had finished our big breakfast, we walked to meet our guide for the day, Don and started to walk up the Caradoc. What was interesting was when we realised we were walking up an old Roman Road called Watling Street! We learnt so much on the walk; different names and uses for so many plants and all about the history of the area. We had lunch at the top – you could see for miles!

When we reached the bottom, Mr. Goody treated us all to ice creams! We would like to say thank you to him and all the staff that made this trip possible.

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