Who could possibly resist reading on from opening lines such as:

 “Yashen Gregonovich stepped through the gate. It was dead on 3.30 am and he could finally go home. It was snowing heavily…”, “The year is 2050, the planet: Earth…” or “‘Future Detective Found in Young Girl?’ reads the bold headline.” These are just a few of the opening lines from our Junior 3 and 4 submissions for the Shrewsbury Bookfest Creative Writing Competition 2021.

Our young authors were inspired by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, himself a multiple award-winning author, whose warm and inspirational video cheered all of us up after the second lockdown. Mr. Goody and Mrs Evans used Frank’s video as well as clips from the Bookfest website to guide our pupils through the writing process, from getting the first words on paper to the final editing, proof-reading and illustrating of the stories. Towards the end, a few midnight candles had to be burnt to meet the deadline but each pupil has created a book of which they can be very proud. Some have progressed from disliking writing more than a paragraph to writing pages of text! It has been a real delight to watch our young authors gain confidence in their character-building and storytelling.

My very sincere thanks to Mrs Evans and Mr Goody for their enthusiasm, guidance and the positive support they have given to all their pupils.

Mrs Beyers


Pictured are Junior 4 with their finished books

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