On Wednesday, a selection of runners attended the ISA Midlands Cross Country event at Bedstone College. An outstanding display of talent and determination was shown from all the participating runners, as well as commendable effort and sportsmanship.

Notably, in the Y5/6 Girls Race, Roni secured an impressive 1st place, Lucy achieved a superb 3rd place, and Norah showcased her skill with a strong 10th place finish despite being a year younger than the majority of competitors.  In the Y3/4 Girls Race, Izzy’s stellar performance secured her a 9th place finish. These remarkable performances have not only earned them well-deserved recognition but has also qualified them for the National Finals at Worksop College. 

Overall, this event for a huge success for all of our competitors and we are incredibly proud of all of their performances. We look forward to furthering our running successes at the next Cross-Country event in the next couple of weeks.

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