What an exciting and rewarding project this was! Rooted in the winter term of 2018, when the books by our chosen authors, Emma Carroll and Claire Fayers arrived, it was nurtured in creative writing workshops at School, led by the authors, during the spring term and finally flowered on Saturday, 4th May.

Our congratulations to Evan MacDonald, who was presented his prize by Dame Jacqueline Wilson (4th out of more than 1,500 entries), for ‘Odd Things Have Happened’ at the official Bookfest Award Ceremony in Shrewsbury Town Square. Caitlin Jones’s evocative book, ‘Into the Dark Woods’, also secured her a top place and a certificate. Both Evan and Caitlin deserve our heartiest congratulations, as do all the young authors in Infants 3, Junior 1 and Junior 4. The children’s determination and dedication to complete their books (including creating an illustrated cover which showed the title, author’s name, price, publishing company, bar code and blurb) is to be commended. Well done to all these young authors!

Listen to Evan’s story, narrated by Sean Fogarty – BBC Radio Shropshire. click here

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