“Take the life you have been given and do good with it” (Elizabeth Fry Yr2 Unit of work)

During Lent, the children of Infant 3 are always encouraged to give up something in order to help other people. In the past, this has usually been not eating a snack at playtime and donating 20p to CAFOD.  Over the years, we have managed to buy single goats and chickens for someone, usually in Africa, who is in need.

2019 has surpassed all previous years!!

The children were challenged to find 1p,2p and 5p coins and collect them in a large Kilner jar. The jar overflowed by the end of the first week of Lent. It was replaced by a Yard of Ale container…which was filled 6 times over! As well as the coin collection we raffled a Teddy Bear.

A TOTAL OF £169.46 was collected.

We have been able to buy 6 GOATS, 6 CHICKENS and to pay for CLEAN WATER for a school in Africa for 1 month.


P.S Inf 3 are still collecting if you have 1p,2p or 5p spare!

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