We have exciting and happy news! Bookfest have produced a brilliant and fun FILM version of the Awards Ceremony, so that we can all join in, wherever we are.

It will be ready to access from 10am on Thursday 23rd April via the Shrewsbury Bookfest site – click here

All six authors will make special guest appearances: the winning author, as voted for by all the children from participating schools (including our J4s) will be announced, the performance poet Sara-Jane Arbury will entertain and amuse us, and the winners of the film trailer, letter-writing and art competitions will be announced. Please make a special effort to watch – we may be in for a wonderful surprise!

The film will also be available on the Shrewsbury Bookfest website for about a week afterwards. If you have any feedback on the film, please send it to Mrs Beyers at library@stwinefridesircs.co.uk

Keep well and stay safe!

Mrs Beyers

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