Recently, our year 6 pupils welcomed some visitors from Nuffield Health, to participate in their new Schools Wellbeing Activity Programme, SWAP. St Winefride’s were pleased to be the pilot school for this programme.

Nuffield Health’s new Schools Wellbeing Activity Programme is designed to empower students to improve their wellbeing. The programme is free, making it accessible to all and enabling Nuffield Health to help schools incorporate further health and wellbeing lessons into their timetable.

The programme offers evidence based lessons that can be delivered by experts, as a six week programme or individual sessions.

The programme focuses on four key themes:

✓ How I Move – focusing on physical activity

✓ How I Eat – focusing on sugar content of food and drinks, hydration, fruit & vegetables

✓ How I Sleep – focusing on sleep, sleep hygiene and screen time

✓ How I Feel – focusing on emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Olivia Barker, (Max and Amelia’s Mummy!) had these comments:

‘I am one of the Nuffield Health Shrewsbury Hospitals local trainers and St Winefride’s is our pilot school – we have loved coming to the school and taking the fabulous Junior 4 students through the programme.

As it was our pilot programme, Andrea Clack (Nuffield Health Shrewsbury Hospitals Outpatient Nurse), and I didn’t really know what to expect or how the programme would be received – however we have been thrilled and amazed at how engaged the children have been and also by the wonderful comments we have had from parents.

We would like to thank Sister Felicity, Mr Goody and all the pupils in Jr 4 for welcoming us and participating so well throughout the programme and we hope that each and every one of them benefits from it.’

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