What a wonderful, exciting morning our Year 3 and 4 classes had on Friday!

Jenny McLachlan, the author of numerous hugely popular children’s books, spent the morning at St. Winefride’s, inspiring our pupils and giving them sound advice for their own writing. Both classes have been entered for the Shropshire Bookfest Creative Writing Competition and are, of course, hoping to carry off some of the prizes! To kick-start their efforts, Jenny led a writing workshop for each class. Not only did she pass on many writing tips to our aspiring young authors but she also demonstrated her ability to tell interesting stories as she shared anecdotes about her life. Her engaging personality and encouragement soon had everyone participating and writing down their own ideas as quickly as they could. We are indeed an extremely fortunate school to have hosted such a special author.

Our very sincere thanks to Jenny for driving all the way from Eastbourne (a five-hour car journey) to deliver her workshops – we appreciate it so much. 

Mrs N. Beyers 

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