What a magical time our Kindergarden, Reception and Year 1 children had with Rachel Morrisroe and her llama!

Our pupils were totally absorbed by Rachel’s dramatic reading of ‘The Drama Llama’ – her wise and empathetic book about dealing with worries. Towards the end of the story, the Drama Llama, who had been sleeping in his special box, woke and, after some coaxing, timidly emerged from his safe place. He entranced the children with his expressive face, twitching ears and soft wool. Encouraged by their interest, the llama soon overcame his shyness and joined in the telling. To end her session, Rachel invited the children to draw along with her, guiding them to create their own, unique llamas. It was the perfect ending to a very special hour spent with the wonderfully talented Rachel.

This is an author visit which will stay with us for a very long time – thank you, Rachel!

Mrs N. Beyers

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