To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landings, Infant 3 investigated the Apollo 11 Mission. This culminated in a one day workshop, presented by Scrappies of Church Stretton.

All materials used in the workshop (except the copious amounts of glue!) were recycled……this led to further discussions about use and reuse of things.

The first task of the morning was to create lunar landscapes, all of which now decorate our classroom. This was followed by a ‘Design session’. The children planned out their models using pictures of  Saturn 5, The Eagle and The Columbia and imagination.

Then the actual construction began. They rifled through yoghurt pots, cardboard, egg boxes, plastic parts, sting, wire, foil, beads, paper and so many other reclaimed ‘bits’…. and the amazing Lunar Crafts evolved. The majority were nothing like the original designs but came from sheer inspiration promoted by range of  the recycled materials.

The final results were fabulous as you can see.

Thank you to Scrappies and their artist, Kate. We had a wonderful day !

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