Last week, Year 5 and Year 6 visited the Shropshire Regiments Museum at Shrewsbury Castle. We were lucky enough to be the first ever group to ever to take part in the newly created WW1 workshop!

We loved it so much, because of the story it told. It really made us think how hard it was in the War. We were put into groups and had to answer questions about either heroism, honour or evolution, by following a question trail and clues around the Museum. Most people’s favourite part was when we met a man called Grahame. He told us about a man from the book, who was is father and had fought in WW1 – we had to help him find out information about his father. Finally, we had a short look around, looking at the displays and the castle grounds and then it was time to go back to School. The class really enjoyed it because it reminded us about all the heroes in WW1.

Written by Abi and Mylo.

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